Second Solutions MTB

Second Solutions MTB was founded and is managed by a passionate team with an array of experience in the world of MTB Stage Races, and believe a professional “seconding” service would prove to be invaluable to those riders participating in MTB Stage Races.

Our services would afford you to focus solely on your riding, leaving all logistical and operational elements to the Second Solutions MTB team with, the peace of mind that all their needs would be expertly managed.

Second Solutions MTB provide an array of services vital for a mountain biker tackling any multi-day stage race. Services include accommodation bookings; transport arrangements, including that of your MTB; catering arrangements; and on event services, including but not limited to bike mechanic services, chiropractic and sports massage therapists, ice baths and vehicle driving services etc.

Should you wish to utilise our services, please contact us via e-mail at

Contact Details

Telephone: 076 830 5578